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A terrorist attack committed by a suicide bomber has left 59 mosque-goers dead in Peshawar, Pakistan.

The mosque, which held up to 400 worshippers, was located in a “highly fortified security compound” meaning the bomber would have had to pass through “several barricades”, according to Reuters.

The attack is seemingly targeted towards police as 27 police officials were killed in the blast. The area in which the attack took place is called “The Red Zone” where counterterrorism offices and police offices are.

As of writing, there has been no claim of responsibility for the terrorist attack.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif called the attack as an “attack on Pakistan” and called this tragedy “unimaginable.”

Peshawar sits close to the border of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The city lays victim to “frequent” attacks from the Islamic State and the Pakistani Taliban.



A Pioneer high school sophomore is missing.

Adriana Davidson, 15, has not been seen since she was seen outside her high school in Ann Arbor at 11 a.m. on Friday. Her phone was found abandoned. Friends had reported that Davidson left the school after feeling unwell.

According to ClickOnDetroit, Davidson did not come home that night. This led to her family and friends searching for her and a missing persons report being filed at midnight on Saturday morning.

Ann Arbor Public Schools has issued a statement regarding a disappearance.

“I know our thoughts of care and support are with the family of Adriana at this critical time,” The statement read. “As we learn additional public information, we will remain in close communication on this matter as appropriate.”

A friend who texted Davidson asked “You straight?” received a “No” from Davidson. She then did not respond to any further texts.

Department spokesperson Derrick Jackson told the New York Post “There’s definitely some suspicious pieces to this.”

Friends and family believe there to be some form of foul play as her abandoned phone and abrupt disappearance is not like her.

“We’re going on what, Day 2 now?” John Davidson, Adriana’s father, said. “This is not my daughter.”

If you know any details regarding Davidson’s disappearance, please call Washtenaw Metro Dispatch at 734-994-2911 or the confidential tip line at 734-973-7711.