One Month In

SGA's new president and vice president set their sights on spring

While settling into new leadership, members of the Student Government Association are hopeful for successful spring events.

Medical laboratory science junior Cassidy Engels took over the position and has been working with the rest of SGA to create a more welcoming environment for students to attend. The SGA has also been focused on planning upcoming student activities, including the annual Big Event.

Engels is excited with the progress SGA has made since she began the position in January.  She expressed goals that she had in mind for the SGA from when she first transitioned to president and has updated how they are going. She also expressed that she is looking forward to the events that SGA has begun to prepare for later on this semester.

“I think that we are making tremendous leaps and jumps towards building our foundation and reestablishing our goals,” Engels said. “We’re gonna have a really successful Big Event [and] kickoff, and we haven’t had a kickoff like this ever before.”

SGA is focused on a few events that will take place in April. One of these events is the kickoff, which according to Engels, will take place in the North Quad. While they are still in the planning process for the event, Engels explained they have some of the activities figured out.

“The cookout will be free, but [not] the fundraising for Hope House,” Engels said. “Maybe some of the activities will cost a little bit, but all goes to a good cause.”

Hope House is a free clinic in Big Rapids that helps offer services to those who may not have insurance and need to be treated.

In addition to the kickoff, SGA is also holding the Big Event. Engels explained how the Big Event helps students get involved in the community.

“Big Event is Ferris’ annual student ran philanthropy event,” Engels said. “It’s one of a kind and also the largest in the state, in that our campus gives back to the community through an act of service, such as yard work, raking, gardening, that type of thing.”

According to Engels, the sign up for anyone interested in Big Event will be posted on Bulldog connect soon. More information about both events will also be there when the events are closer.

Medical laboratory science sophomore Allison Leslie has been with SGA since the fall of 2021. Leslie started out as a general member, representing her sorority. She now holds the position of administrative assistant of SGA. Some of her responsibilities include overseeing the company email as well as answering the phones. Leslie explained how things have been going since Engels took over as president last month.

“It’s definitely been a little bit of an adjustment, just because we don’t usually do this transition mid-year,” Leslie said. “But Cassidy has done an excellent job of transitioning in and getting things on the roll. We’re working really hard on the Big Event and the big kickoff, and I think she’s done a really good job so far.”

Applied math and computer science junior Dylan Andrews has been working with SGA since last semester. When Engels transitioned to president, Andrews took over Engel’s previous position of vice president. He explained his optimism about how the future of SGA will be beneficial to the student body.

“This is a big turnaround,” Andrews said. “And hopefully we’re going to eventually do what we can to start bringing back the best of what we can and student life and hopefully, we’ll grow substantially enough to where you know, we’ll be the biggest voice of the students again.”

Engels expressed her goal of increasing meeting attendance when she was first given the position of president. This is still one of Engels’ goals and she continues to talk about her hope for the attendance to grow. She explained that she encourages anyone interested to attend the meetings. Engels also encourages RSOs to have at least one member attend the meetings and be a student government representative for their RSO.

The SGA meets in the founder’s room in the David L. Eisler Center every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Students are welcome to attend and hear about campus events and updates, as well as voice any concerns they may have.