I am a criminal justice freshman at Ferris. I have always wanted to go into criminal justice, so when I found out that Ferris had one of the best criminal justice programs, I knew this was where I needed to go. Members of my family have attended Ferris in the past, so all the cards were in my favor for Ferris to be my school of choice. 

Joining the Torch this year was a scary thing for me when I discovered I was the only freshman. I had four previous years of experience in reporting for my high school paper, The Eclipse. In my years there, I was promoted to the sports editor position after my first year and then managing editor my junior and senior year. I hope to have the same amount of success here at the Torch throughout my years.

While only being at Ferris for one semester, I have been a part of the Ferris State Forensics Speech and Debate team and “Kinky Boots,” the fall musical. I will be a part of the upcoming spring play titled “She Kills Monsters” as well.

I am originally from Burton, Michigan where, when I’m not writing, you can find me working, singing or dressing up as Spider-Man.

My goal as a writer is to bring readers to stories. I want to bring back the importance of accurate news reporting that people can respect. 

My favorite thing about being a reporter is interviewing people from all over and from all different types of backgrounds because they provide me with the most interesting conversations. I also love the professional relationships I get to develop with my sources.

I plan on taking my writing experience outside of college in whatever career I pursue. This is because I feel that journalism is a dying matter and that we are the generation to bring it back on track, and there isn’t anything I want more than to be a part of that.