A tale of two presidents

The Student Government Association’s president and vice president switch roles

The Student Government Association’s president and vice president are switching roles for the upcoming year, and president-elect Dylan Andrews has big plans.

Taking over as president is applied math and computer science senior, Dylan Andrews, who was the vice president this past year. Taking over for vice president was this year’s president medical laboratory science senior, Cassidy Engels. According to Engels, this switch has rarely happened in SGA history.

The inauguration took place in the David Eisler Center Ballrooms where President Bill Pink, SGA members and their parents gathered to celebrate the end of the current school year. During this time, Andrews and Engels were asked to repeat the SGA oath of office, before becoming the president and vice president of SGA for the upcoming year.

Student Government Association Vice President Cassidy Engels (left) and President Dylan Andrews (right) assume their new positions at the annual SGA gala Photo Courtesy of Hannah Crouch

After his inauguration, Andrews said a few words about his hope for students as he takes over as president of SGA. 

“I will make it so possible that any student can come to us with any issue, to which my administration and my wonderful General Assembly will work diligently to write a piece of legislation that we will vote on.” Andrews said. “We will bring it to whoever need be in order to get it enacted. My Student Government is your student government. Bring to me all your troubles and woes and I will try to seek the solutions that we wish for by the oath that I took today on behalf of my God, I will not falter on this message.”

Andrews explained that he has several plans in the works for his presidency, one of which will change finance with SGA. 

“You can’t just propose a budget with no sustenance,” Andrews said. “And to be quite frank, that won’t be tolerated in my finance division. Students pay into this. It’s not fair that the students’ money goes to something without a plan.” 

Engels commented on how she feels about switching her position on SGA, as well as how she feels Andrews will do as he takes on the role of president. 

“I think Dylan [Andrews] and I are like a yin and a yang,” Engels said. “Like, we have good things that help each other and encourage each other, and our personality traits do differ a lot, but that kind of is the beauty of it. It’s kind of the ideal situation that he would rather have the presidential duties and I would rather have the vice-presidential duties, so it’s kind of like we’re just moving into our destined spots.”  

Andrews has other plans for the future of SGA; however he chose not to share the specifics of what they are. He explained that he doesn’t want to make promises that he can’t fulfill for students. 

Engels explained her thoughts on how the upcoming year might look with the members of SGA.

Dylan Andrews (left) and Cassidy Engels (right) take the SGA oath of office. Photo Courtesy of Hannah Crouch

“I’m also really excited about next year just because our members are the bomb.” Engels said. 

Engels also had no comment on the plans for the next year. Following Andrews’ philosophy, the new SGA administration wants to “follow through” with their plans and goals instead of promoting any promises that may not come to fruition. 

Andrews did explain his optimism for the upcoming year, as he takes on the role of SGA president. 

“This is going to be one of the best presidencies that has been ever within the student government,” Andrews said. “I will win at every turn that I possibly can for the students. I want to set it up so I do everything in my power so that they have the power to make it their university.”