Culture editor’s statement

As the first year of the Torch’s culture section comes to a wrap, I’ve made a list of goals I want to reach for its future.

Next year, I hope to welcome more cultural groups and RSOs into this section. I want to be able to showcase their campus events, perspectives, customs and more. 

The goal is to have this section be for everyone. I want to work towards creating good relationships with these groups so they feel heard and are able to come to the Torch with any ideas they have.

Aside from the fun aspects of all the different groups we have on campus, I want to dive deep into the history, worldwide issues and current events as well. I want all communities to feel welcomed, and I strive for this section to be another place for students to tell their stories and share their insights.

I would also love to talk more about pop culture, trends, fashion and what our generation really cares about. This section should be fun, interesting and educational. An example of this is Campus Craze, a segment I created last fall. I would love to bring it back more often throughout the next year.

If you have any topics that you feel are important to write about in this section, please let the Torch know. We are always open to ideas, and we to help this section live up to its name.