Stay stylin’

Seven summer 2023 fashion trends

The time has come when spring is finally melting into summer. This is the season to relax and feel good. And like most people say, when you look good, you feel good. So, here are some fashion trends that will get you looking and feeling like your best self this summer, 

So far this year, bright colors have been in. Clothes, accessories, shoes and anything else imaginable have been vibrant over the past couple of months. This trend will stay popular throughout the summer. 

Pinks, oranges and yellows are often seen together. This summer, these warm and fun colors are popular in swimwear.  

Another summer essential this year is linen and crochet. These fabrics are light and breezy and will keep you looking hot and feeling cool. 

Linen pants and coverups will be one of the most on-trend ways to wear this fabric. It makes you look classy and keeps you comfortable. Crocheted maxi dresses and swimsuit tops are gaining popularity. Similar because this style is an effortless way to stay comfortable, cool and cute.  

Accessorizing is one of the best ways to spice up any outfit. Gold jewelry has been in trend for years, but according to Marie Claire Magazine, silver is back in.  

Along with jewelry, hair accessories are also finding their way into style for summer 2023. Hair jewels and charms are coming back and falling under the Y2K look. Claw clips have been in trend for a while and the 90s-inspired accessory is staying.  

Lastly, matching sets are timeless. This trend is so versatile and can be mixed and matched while keeping you comfortable and looking put together. According to The Mother Chic, a fashion blog, matching sets have come full circle from feeling like a toddler outfit. 

The one thing all of these summer 2023 trends have in common is the minimal effort they take to enhance a comfortable and basic look. These trends will make you feel and look great, and you don’t even have to lift a finger.