Torch Tunes

Some summer songs to soothe the soul

A new season means a new playlist from the Ferris State Torch Tunes.

Fruitcake – Subsonic Eye

The first song on this list comes from Subsonic Eye, a five-piece indie group from Singapore that blends Midwest emo and math rock-style riffs with the lilting voice of singer Nur Wahidah. The subtly complex grooves and riffs in the song fit perfectly for sitting outside in a hammock on a sunny day with a good book.

“Space Junk” – Wang Chung

This selection actually comes from our web editor, Lucas, who wrote a tv guide for the summer. His guide includes “The Walking Dead”, the show responsible for this song is so popular. “Space Junk” notably plays at the end of the first episode and has become sort of synonymous with the show, earning its place on this list.

The song is a late hit for Wang Chung, whose biggest hit was the 1986 classic, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”. This track instead was released as a bonus track on their 1997 greatest hits album and became a cult classic after its use on “The Walking Dead”.

“3D Country” – Geese

The Brooklyn five-piece returns to release the first song from their new album after their 2021 debut garnered mostly positive reviews. When I first heard their debut song “Projector,” I was immediately excited to hear what they would do later on. Their new singles have not disappointed at all.

From the beginning of the song, it’s immediately clear that the new album will have a much different tone and sound than the debut. Whereas “Projector” had some very obvious post-punk and dance influences, the new singles seem to suggest that “3D Country” will majorly lean on the influence of soul and R&B music, as evidenced by the crew of backup singers in both new singles.

“Red Moon” – Big Thief

The Brooklyn-based alt-rock group dropped one of the best albums of 2022. It was so stacked that even if you listened to the album, you might not remember this song just because there are about eight different songs that could arguably be “the best.”

This one feels to me like one of the most fun selections off the new album, a record that notably takes its time with the listener and isn’t afraid to slow things down or tackle sadder issues. In a record full of slower, more intricate and personal stories, “Red Moon” serves as a fun alternative-country option to brighten up your day.

“Not Strong Enough” – boygenius

The final selection here comes from the new boygenius album which I can not stop playing. The best single from one of the best albums so far this year, “Not Strong Enough” is a good song to play as the bonfire is dying down and people are starting to trickle out.

The indie supergroup returned from a five-year absence this year with their first full-length album since their 2018 was just an EP collection of six songs. The new album titled “the record” doesn’t disappoint, and neither does this song.

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