Out with the old, in with the new

How to use Ferris360

The hub for all things Ferris MyFSU will be replaced with an updated platform that makes navigating life as students and faculty easier. Here’s a guide on what’s new and how to use it.

First, let’s start off with the basics. Ferris360 is the all new portal that will replace MyFSU on Sept. 12. Ferris360 offers a stylish interface supported by updated software that allows for many new features that MyFSU’s software couldn’t handle.

Students and faculty will be able to log in to Ferris360 with the same information used for their MyFSU account, and will only need to sign in once. From there, users will be taken to the dashboard. 

Ferris360 is all about being user friendly and giving the ability for user customization. The platform is on all mobile devices so it works for on-the-go use and shares the same layout with desktop and PC.

The first thing users will notice is tabs with recommendations based on their roles. For example, students will be recommended resources meant for them including class registration, academic support and financial aid.

There is a smart search bar at the top of the dashboard which allows users to search for everything Ferris related. Below the recommendations, there’s a widget tab. This is where students can completely customize the interface of Ferris360 to prioritize what is on their home screen and left-hand sidebar. Students can create new widgets for academic resources like Canvas and their Outlook inbox. Outside applications like social media platforms can also be made into widgets. 

The left-hand side of the screen is where users can interact with everything else Ferris360 has to offer. Announcements and tasks are amongst some of the newest features. Tasks will be assigned based on the user’s roles. The tasks feature ensures users won’t miss important due dates like signing housing contracts or making a first payment for registration.

Announcements keep students on track and alerted in case of an emergency on campus. There are regular notifications that are sent to the user’s inbox, push notifications that go to the inbox and pop up on the dashboard and emergency notifications that essentially take up the screen so users are aware of potential threats. 

At the bottom of this sidebar is the tools tab. Tools essentially display all of Ferris360’s features in a list format. This is where students and faculty can find all campus-related resources like campus safety, maps, academic resources and even a personal planner. The new software also allows users to filter out resources that are not needed. 

The tools section also gives users the chance to discover new things they might not have previously known about campus.

Another new implementation is groups. Groups give sports teams and RSO’s a place to communicate and share information. With the directory, users can get in contact with group organizers and admins. This allows new students to see all the groups that Ferris has and makes breaking out of their shells easier. 

Ferris360 is set to replace MyFSU within the next month. For more information, there will be Ferris360 info sessions on Sept. 5, 6 and 8. Visit Ferris’ event calendar for more details.