Making Ferris for the students

Why students are about to have their greatest year yet

Hello, my fellow students. My name is Dylan Andrews, and I am your student body president. First things first, I want to welcome you all back with open arms and a big smile. For this academic year is going to be one of the best years Ferris states has ever had.

We in the Student Government Association are going to make this year the best year because we are going to rebuild the unity among all students and student groups, provide more resources to make a difference on this campus and be the greatest support system for all students. That is my duty as your student body president to make sure all of you have successful and eventful times here at Ferris State.

My goal is clear: I want to make this university for the students. That is why I’ve had the drive to become your student body president. I want all of you to feel as though this is your second home away from home. And the little things that we do here at the SGA are what’s going to drive that feeling home. This year I plan on making positive advancements to the SGA itself, create one of the most successful and everlasting philanthropic events for both the fall and the spring, and work diligently with our president Dr. Bill Pink to keep the connection between him and our students as open as possible.

I’ve spent a lot of time at this university. Going on three years now, I see what students need. I reach out and I talk with all of you the best I can, and it is my pursuit to take those common goals and make them a reality. One of the biggest things that I want to do when I step into that first meeting is try to make it so that every single student is truly represented by the SGA. And by doing that, all of you are members. If you wish to partake in helping the university with your actions, my plan is so that you have to only attend two meetings to receive voting privileges.

Once you attend these two meetings, you will truly have a voice in these actions your university takes. I encourage all of you to join because the more people we have that are fighting for the cause, the better our university is going to be. With all that being said, the first event that we’re going to do in the fall is going to benefit all of you students. I know times can be tough. No student should ever go hungry. Our canned drive is estimated to kick off between the second and third week of school and last the entire semester. The purpose of this can drive is to build food pantries and fill those food pantries for every single residence hall on this campus. And then to celebrate.

SGA is also going to throw its first ever fall dance. We’re still working on the name, but we want to give back to the students that put in hard work, effort and time. Our next event is going to help out not just the students, but also bridge the gap between us and the community that we live in. I’ve been working diligently with the big Rapids mayor in coming up with a new idea to help the community of Big Rapids and garner support for the students at this prestigious university. By making these different advancements we will make it the best year ever.

On a final note, we at the SGA are here to represent you, your friends and fellow students. I will make sure to speak with all of you the best I can. I encourage you to join and make a difference for your fellow students and yourself. If you see me out in public, don’t be afraid to say hello. I want to hear your opinions and I want to make sure you are being the best you can possibly be. This is your president, Dylan Andrews, have a great school year.