DPS selects new captain

The hope for what the new captain can bring to Ferris

Long time member of the Department of Public Safety, Timothy Jacobs, was promoted from Sergeant to Captain. 

 Jacobs, who started out with DPS as a patrol officer, has made his way through the ranks of DPS, to be second in command, to Chief Abe Haroon. Haroon explained that the search for Captain took around three months, and looked at candidates from not only Michigan, but from all over the U.S. 

Haroon explained some of the requirements that are required to be considered for Captain. 

“So, there was a required education level, experience in particular supervision experience,” Haroon said. “Also, any type of information that would help the university and are geared around University laws like Title Nine and Clearly Act.” 

Jacobs has been connected to the Ferris community for a long time. 

“Ferris has been really good for me and my family.” Jacobs said. “My dad worked here. A long time ago as a dean, my wife and all my kids have been here. So, Ferris has always been, you know, is in my heart and it just always been a really good place to work and get an education.”

Timothy Jacobs takes his new position as Captain in Ferris’ DPS. Photo courtesy of Ferris Department of Public Safety

He also explained that one of his favorite parts of working at Ferris will still be a part of the role he will have as Captain. 

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is supervising student employees, so that still stays pretty much the same.” Jacobs said. “I will always have my hand in that because it’s so when you watch somebody grow from a freshman to a senior to being successful in a career 10 years later, is very, very rewarding. It’s probably one of the most rewarding parts of your career is watching. A young person go from being a student to graduating to graduating to becoming very successful in their field.” 

Haroon explained his expectations for Jacobs, as he moves through the ranks of DPS, as second in command. 

“Safety, you know, so that’s the number one priority not only for me, but it should be for every one of my staff members is safety,” Haroon said. “So I want him in that role to look at how we’re proactively patrolling campus. He also plays a very big role in training.” 

Haroon explained that the role in training includes helping officers who want specific trainings, receive that training, and by pushing Jacobs in the right direction, Haroon hopes that Jacobs will help create programs on campus to help the community. 

Haroon explained that with Jacobs’ promotion, there is currently a vacancy in DPS for a Sergeant. With this vacancy, the hiring process has begun, with DPS looking for potential candidates both within and outside of Ferris’ community.