Student Government Association begins new semester with new constitution

The Student Government Association voted on a 70 page constitution in a brief first meeting of fall semester.

The meeting took place on August 29th, 2023, at the Founders Room located in the University Center.

The meeting included tributes, reports, messages from the Advisors, and a hearing of the Public.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to have the new Constitution be addressed and approved by the Student Government Association’s new president.  The new president is Dylan Andrews, who previously served as the Vice President.  Cassidy Engels, the 2022-23 president has stepped down from the president position but will stay with the association as the new vice president.

With the new Constitution getting approved by the meeting’s adjournment, Andrews mentioned that he was very excited and was looking forward to seeing how the new Constitution could have some positive impacts on the university.  He also mentioned that one thing he sees the new Constitution doing is helping life on campus become more feasible for both new and current students.

The Student Government Association’s executive board gathered in the Founder’s Room to discuss new legislation. Photo by: Dylan Rider | Sports Editor

“This is something that’s going to make it possible for every student to be involved with their campus choices,” Andrews said.  “That’s why we passed it.”

Christopher Fidell, a Student Government Association Representative who attended the assembly, spoke his word on something he wants from the new Constitution to bring more students to the association to help it grow and expand.

“I’m hoping we become more exclusive,” Fidell said.  “I want more people and I think the Constitution is going to do that.”

The Student Government Association brings a voice to the student body and promotes the university’s core values such as Collaboration, Diversity, Community, Excellence, Learning and Opportunity.  These core values could be important to new students, and joining the association could give them a chance to express why these values matter to them, and help grow the number of students in the association.

One of the two tributes the meeting had was to recognize both the Veterans and the Ferris State Football Team.  Despite those groups not being the primary focus of the meeting, Lina Blair, Dean of Student Life, briefly touched on why honoring the two was a big takeaway from the meeting.

“I love the tribute part that they’ve added to be able to recognize excellence at the institution,” Blair said.

The Veterans were honored for their outstanding work and service towards the United States, and the Ferris State Football Team was honored for their achievement of winning two back-to-back NCAA Division II National Championships.

In addition to bringing in the new Constitution, not only does Andrews see it help students make college life easier, but he also sees it helping the Student Government Association, as well as other associations located on campus.

“We made the push to rebuild at Ferris,” Andrews said.  “And take the initiative to try to bring all our associates back together and make sure the government is keeping a good bridge bridging the gap with the president’s office and all other illustrators.”

For any university to bring in a new president, whether it’s for the entire university or for an association, it can be a big deal.  All types of presidents have huge responsibilities as well as having the bravery and courage to take ownership of an association, a state, or an entire nation.  For the Student Government Association to have a new president who has put in a new Constitution to make college life better for students and push a rebuild to improve life on campus shows that the university chose a candidate who they fully trust to hold ownership of the association.

To learn more, visit  More information about the Student Government Association is available at (231) 591-2611.