Ferris 360 launched

The likes and dislikes of the new platform

Ferris 360 has everything a student would need to stay up to date with classes, financial aid, groups, graduation, employment at Ferris and its own social networking built-in where students and staff can create and comment on discussion posts.

There are a multitude of reasons Ferris has switched out of MyFSU. One is that FSU could also be mistaken for Florida State University. Director of Marketing Eric Hazan explained that MyFSU was no longer supported by the vendor that ran the website.

“Any portion of the website had any issues or began to malfunction, they would have no one to fix it,” Hazan said. “That could potentially affect grades, class schedules, employees’ schedules or paychecks and classes that use Canvas. The University could not take the risk of something happening and not being able to fix the error.”

The Office of Registrar has the most searched sections listed on the regular Ferris website. A common issue within faculty has been with different parts of the time clock or their checks not showing up. Within Ferris 360, there is a section to submit feedback if students have any issues or other comments they would like to share.

“We need students and faculty to let us know any features they want to see or issues they are having,” Hazan said. They also plan on making Ferris 360 a mobile application so users can use the app on cell phones.

Disability services coordinator Cindy Smith’s office allows students who have a disability to schedule accommodations for an exam and gives access to Read Write software.

“We have not had any issues with the platform yet,” Smith said. “If students want to find Disability Services, they can find it under the Tools section on Ferris360 and can be added to your favorites to be easily found when you’re on your homepage.”

To get student’s opinions on Ferris 360, a poll has been posted on the website. According to this poll, 65% of students like the platform and find it easy to use.

Pre Med student Mariah Wilson enjoys the new look of the platform. She feels that it’s better than MyFSU and the new platform is more user friendly.

“I actually really mess with it,” Wilson said. “It’s way more up to date and easier to work.”

For more information and tips on how to use or troubleshoot Ferris360, check the Ferris event calendar to see when there are Ferris360 training sessions over Zoom.