Who has your vote?

2023 homecoming ambassador voting is here

Four lady Bulldogs are on the ballot for this year’s homecoming ambassador.

The candidates in the running this year are Keonie Russell, Paige Byrnes, Imari Carl and Telsa McBride. All four seniors are excited and eager for their campaigns and for the possibility of representing the student body. 

Keonie Russell – You Beautiful Black Woman 

Being involved and getting out of your comfort zone is no foreign thing to senior social work senior, Keonie Russell. Since her start at Ferris, she has been involved in You Beautiful Black Women, Co-chair of Sistah Circle, member of the National Association of Black Social Workers and member of the Social Work Association.

“I am running for ambassador because I feel like I have done a lot for the Ferris community,” Russell said. “Since I got here, I have done my best to do as much as I can and go to as much as I can in the community. I love Ferris and I would love to be the one to represent it.”

If named homecoming ambassador, Keonie wants to do her best to bring all different types of communities at Ferris together.

“There are a lot of different communities on campus, and it is very rare that we are all together,” Russell said. “I would love to bring everyone together for more inclusivity.”

Paige Byrnes (Top Left) Imari Carl (Top Right) Reonie Russell (Bottom Left) Tesla Mcbride (Bottom Photo Credits to Homecoming Ambassadors

Imari Carl – Delta Sigma Theta 

Psychology senior, Imari Carl, has spent her last three years at Ferris getting involved in as many things as she can. She is the President of the Black Greek Council, Treasurer of Delta Sigma Theta, Liaison of You Beautiful Black Woman, and a general member of Entertainment Unlimited.

“I decided to run for ambassador because I just really love Ferris,” Carl said. “When I first came here I was very shy, but then I started pushing myself to go to more events and activities. This led me to really great people who encouraged me to go out more, and I want the freshman to know that there are people out there that are willing to push for them as well.”

Throughout her time here at Ferris, and through her ambassador campaigning, Imari feels that she has had constant support from her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta.

“They are 100% behind me with everything that I do, and they are always pushing me to be great,” Carl said.

The most important thing that Imari wants people to take from her campaign is to get involved and not be afraid to meet new people. Imari’s advice to future candidates is to go for running because there’s always a chance you’ll win.

“Just go for it,” Carl said. “You won’t know the outcome until you do it.”

Paige Byrnes – Alpha Sigma Tau 

Senior Paige Byrnes has always pushed herself to get involved in whatever she can in the Ferris community. She is a part of the business administration program and Alpha Sigma Theta member and she was a part of the homecoming committee and spent a year on the club volleyball team.

“The idea to run for ambassador this year initially stemmed from my participation in last year’s homecoming committee,” Byrnes said. “I think that this is going to be a fun and rewarding opportunity in my final year of college.”

Becoming an ambassador would be nothing short of an honor for Paige. As a second-generation Ferris student, Bulldog pride is a huge part of her life.

“I would be honored to represent our student body,” Byrnes said. “I want to encourage everyone else on this campus to get involved because I feel that it has greatly enriched my experience as a student.”

Telsa McBride – Ferris Women’s Rugby

Running for ambassador was something that senior social work student, Telsa McBride, never imagined herself doing. But when given the chance she decided to try something new.

“When I got here, my goal was to try new things and put myself in things that I never saw myself doing.” McBride said. “It’s my senior year too so why not go out with a bang.”

She is the vice president of the women’s rugby team, a member of the social work association and an Honors student. She values being involved in the community

“Being able to get myself out of my dorm and find new opportunities has kept me very motivated,” McBride said.

Being an ambassador would mean something different to McBride. She wants to show all students that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you can still accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

“I want to use the title of Homecoming Ambassador as a way to represent that not everybody has to be super well known in order to receive this title,” McBride said. “You can come from any background or have any type of character and still have the same opportunities as anyone else.”

The homecoming ambassador voting is taking place from Sept. 21 to Sept. 28 on Entertainment Unlimited’s Instagram @ferriseu.