Alexandra Brickley – Special Editions Editor

Alexandra Brickley | Demo 64

I am Alexandra Brickley. I am an integrative studies major with my focus being graphic design. I am now the Torch’s special editions editor! I love art, ancient history, writing, photography, painting, video games, and learning new things. I love to see how other people view the world thought their own life experiences. My love for the arts is what led me to my field of study graphic design, it is about solving creative problems for people. I am looking to graduate this year, so this will be my last year here at Ferris State. As for more about me personally, my family has a dog named Duke. We normally are a cat and dog household but for the moment it is just Duke. I love to travel and will hopefully be able to do so more after a graduate and do to all my dream travel destinations, those being Ireland, France, Greece, and Germany to name a few.