Tate Zellman – News Reporter

Tate Zellman

Hello! My name is Tate Zellman. I am from Grand Haven, Michigan. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in journalism and technical communication.

I knew I wanted to be a writer after my freshman year of high school. That same year, I self-published my first Western novel – Litchfield: A Peaceful Western Town. Since then, I have self-published a trilogy of Western novels and am working on one about a high school basketball player. The film The Magnificent Seven from 1960 inspired me to write my novels.

As of right now, I am currently a news reporter for the Ferris State Torch. This is my first semester working with the Torch. I was both excited and nervous starting as a reporter; however, my staff have helped teach me how to write a good article and they’re open to any questions I have. I’ve enjoyed applying my writing skills to articles that the public will read.

While on campus, I enjoy hanging out with friends and attending sporting events. Every few weekends, I go home to hang out with my family and my cat, Spotty.

After Ferris, I plan to continue writing as a hobby. As for a job, I hope to join a local newspaper and become a journalist. I’m also considering becoming a teacher assistant as a backup job.