“Hey Candy-Man,” A voice woke up Dani, who found himself lying on the dirt ground. A soft kick to his side forced his eyes open to see a new world. The first thing he saw was a dirt road, orange sky, and black pants connected to the foot that kicked him. He followed the body up until he saw the character’s head. A head like no other- no head at all. Just a floating Jack-O-Lantern over where the head should be. 

What was Dani, now just Candy-Man, scrambled back to get a look at the thing. A normal body dressed somewhat casually, wearing all black besides an orange and brown flannel, and that pumpkin. 

“You’re new to this, aren’t you?” the stranger asked him. She got down to the other’s level. It was hard to read her face when there was none, but the body language showed that she would be smiling at the other if she were able to. “Don’t worry, you’re not dreaming.” 

Dani’s hand was guided to his face, allowing him to feel it. What his hand came in contact with was not flesh, but plastic candy wrapper.