Advising Q & A

What you should know from advising director Michael Zaborowski

Prepare for class registration with Director of Advising Michael Zaborowski.

What do you find students struggle with the most when they’re setting up their advising appointments? 

 “I think what I would say students struggle with the most first would be unique to this semester is going to be the fact that we’ve switched from MyFSU to Ferris 360. So, I would say 100% That’s going to be the most unique challenge that exists for fall semester of 2023.

But beyond that, I would say it’s probably trying to get in to see their advisor. I know we’re at this point where, like, enrollment is just around the corner. So, Oct. 30 is the date when enrollment starts. And at this point, because there’s an influx of people going in to meet with their advisor, so if there’s one piece of advice I can give you from that being a common struggle is just making sure in future semesters or, if you’re a freshman and your enrollment date is a little bit further out, just making sure that getting into see your advisor as soon as possible.”

What would you advise students to do if they reach out to their advisor and don’t hear back? 

“I would say that it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to me directly as the Director of Advising on because if there’s something that’s going on, like if you know if an advisor happens to be away from their office, likely I’m going to know some level of why that’s happening. And if there’s an appropriate person who can help you out if that person’s away, I can help with. It doesn’t hurt to kind of fall away, like, try an email. If you don’t hear anything back in 48 hours, try another email. Wait another 48 hours. If you don’t get anything then then it might not hurt to reach out, reach out to me and then I of course would be happy to reach out to the department and try to facilitate something.”

Do you have any tips for students about advising to make it go smoother? 

“Come be prepared for your advising appointment. So, I wouldn’t just schedule an academic advising appointment, I would say okay, here’s the courses, plan out some courses sit down go in to see the schedule. Say okay, I know from past advising appointments or if this is my first advising appointment, come prepared with a set of questions.”