Died on this hill

"Stop calling the UC that," Gabaghoul said

Hundreds of students in the University Center have complained about hearing a ghostly voice correct them every time they refer to the building as the David. L Eisler Center.  

All throughout the month of Oct., a short sassy looking ghost has been haunting all parts of the building. She’s been known to be not dangerous, really short and annoyed by the recent name change of the building.

“I see her there everyday, and usually I’m afraid of ghosts, but not her,” Ferris Outfitters employee Matt Nathenson said. “I mean, she’s mad about the name like the rest of us. Even though she may be the only one still talking about it, at least she’s being an advocate.”

One source said this ghost makes it “every one’s problem” that the U.C. is being misnamed. As she’s mad about the name change in general, her most prominent victims of correction are freshman.

“I’m constantly getting interrupted by her when I’m doing my homework in the Quad,” anonymous freshman said. “One minute, I’m eating my churro because it’s Wednesday. The next thing I know is I’m hearing an annoying voice correct my paper on the David L. Eisler Center and my churro is gone.”

When asked why she is still so mad about this, she couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“I just, ugh,” Gabaghoul ghost said. “Just, stop calling the U.C. that.”

Though she just started this haunting, she plans to haunt the U.C. until Ferris changes the name back to the University Center, or at least names the building after her.