New fall treat

Wendys joins to the pumpkin spice train

With the weather starting to turn cold and the leaves officially changing colors, pumpkin spice everything is a must. Wendys is officially jumping on the hit flavor train by making a brand-new seasonal pumpkin spice frosty and a pumpkin spice cream cold brew. The new frosty item will temporarily replace the classic vanilla frosty on all Wendy’s menus. Consider switching up your normal order for a fun new way to bury those fall cravings.  


Wendys isn’t known for their bizarre flavors and throughout the years typically stuck to the two basics: Vanilla and Chocolate. Although recently Wendy’s has come out with the peppermint frosty, reintroduced the strawberry frosty and now brought out the pumpkin spice flavor. 


Use a spoon or a straw to drink up this delicious, limited time treat. The new frosty is a smooth creamy vanilla base with pumpkin flavoring mixed with spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon to give the frosty an orange color and amazing taste. It’s sweet but not too sick where it makes you feel yucky after eating it. 


As someone who is a die-hard chocolate girl it was a bit out of my comfort zone to try this all-new pumpkin spice flavor. However, after taking the first bite I was instantly hooked. With a strong pumpkin flavor that doesn’t drown out all the other flavors going on, it’s the perfect ice cream creation for the fall time. It tastes like pumpkin pie mixed with ice cream served in a cup. 


If you’re big into pumpkin spice flavored things this new dessert is a must-try item that you won’t be able to put down till the very last bite. However, if you tend to stay away from the pumpkin spice craze, I wouldn’t recommend this for you, since it has a strong mix of flavors. Try it for yourself today at your local Wendy’s, only being served for the season!