The hard to spot campus ghost

Sighting by Itsa Brick.

Alexandra Brickley is one of the harder ghosts on the campus to spot. Even when she was a student it would be easier to find Bigfoot or Moth Man, then find her out on campus.  

Becoming something of a campus cryptid for a time before the hauntings began. The easiest place to find her the is the bottom level of the business building, though she’s been known to phase between floors.  

With how much time she spent in the building over her years at Ferris state it’s no surprise she haunts the building. Alex has been known to make computers used in the building crash or run slow, make Photoshop or InDesign crash, and can be responsible for the temperature changes between floors.  

“If I so much as talk about my math class, my laptop crashes.” Said marketing student Itsa Brick.  

With her being one of the harder to spot ghost on the Ferris state campus, even in the business building. A sure fire way to summon her is if you need help with your homework, at least if it has to do with Art, Art History, Ancient History or English. If you need assistance with Stats, Econ., or Math homework she’ll probably cry and run away. 

To get this help walk about the business building three times, go into of the computer rooms In the bottom level, leave a Big B drink, and bacon cheese fries next to your homework, leave the, room spin around three times and hop on one foot back into the room and she should be there ready to help you with your homework. 

“She’ll talk your ear off about whatever a fresco is if your nor careful,” public relations junior Ista Brick said. 

Next time you’re in the business building, you might want to try calling on the ghost of Alexandra Brickley to help with your art homework.