The integrative studies Ghost

by Kathleen Camp

Wandering through the halls of the Science building you might find the ghost of Kathleen Camp. She is known to be taunting the students in psychology and social work classes. During the exams students often complain they can feel her presence. Other students claimed to of seen her while they were doing presentations about their psychological experiments and other research they have completed.

If you have not seen her ghost in the Science building, then the other place she has thought to be is in the computer room for the Center for Virtual Learning. If your computer has ever randomly shut down then there is a good chance, she may have had something to do with it. There have even been stories of professors saying the computers would randomly shut down right at the stroke of midnight when the students had an assignment due. Always do your homework early just in case she might turn off your computer too.

The ghost of Kathleen Camp Kathleen Camp | Demo 64