The spirit of a Bulldog Halloween

Ten costumes that will make you Ferris' best dressed up

By Gabaghoul

Halloween is known to be the one day of the year where you can be whoever you want to be. When really, it’s the perfect time to show off your Bulldog pride. Here are some ideas to be either the cutest or scariest looking Bulldog Ferris has ever seen.  


Sexy Brutus 

Starting off strong, we have our sexy Brutus costume. Even though Brutus serves every day of the year, Halloween is the time to put the word sexy in front of everything. This is your chance to serve like Brutus while looking like the hottest Bulldog known to Western Michigan. 

Headless Woodbridge N. Ferris 

Is the founder of the best college ever your version of the Roman Empire? Be a headless version of him this Halloween. Though a decapitated undead man does seem scary, add a pink bow and boom, you got a cute costume that makes you look like a true Bulldog.  

The new Brutus FLITE sign 

If you feel like you can’t pull of sexy Brutus, I so understand. Not everyone can look that good all the time. If you still want to be Brutus though, because obviously who doesn’t ever dream of that, you can dress up as the new FLITE sign. FSU is Brutus’ biggest fan so you have so many options if you go this route but the best choice is the newest and bestest looking sign ever because then maybe the money we spent on it will be worth it. 

Rock Café employee 

For those on a budget this year (because you work at the Rock) then being a dining hall employee can be a great way to show off your school and Halloween spirit. Literally just wear the largest chef hat possible, put some headphones on and you look the part.  

Erberts and Gerberts  

Need an idea for you and your significant other? Boy, do I have something for you. Erberts and Gerberts is all the rage these days, you know, since they’re finally open for longer than a couple hours every other day. Dress up like the cute little sandwich men that fill a part of the IRC. I promise you, you and your sweetheart will win any couples costume contest hands down. 


Now if you’re not feeling any of these cute costume ideas, and you want to take the scary costume route, read below. Here are some of the scariest costume ideas a Ferris student can do while still being prideful of our school. 

Board of Trustees 

This doesn’t even need an explanation. You just already know. 

Meter maids 

They always say if you can’t beat them, join them. Meter maids are everywhere waiting for you to make one wrong move. Give them a taste of their own medicine this Halloween by dressing up as one of them and acting like one of them. With this costume idea, I’m seeing a lot of yellow tickets in the near future. 

Frat bro in your group project 

Think of the few people in your class who you hope won’t be put in the same group as you, but always are. One of them is always a frat boy. This Halloween, double the number and make that two frat bros no one wants in a group project. Now, you’re terrifying everyone because they know they have to do your part of the work. Kill two birds with one stone by getting out of your group project and having a killer scary costume. 

Your freshman year friend group 

Almost every non freshman has a different friend group than their first one at Ferris. Usually, that old group of friends isn’t friends anymore for good reasons. Dress up like your old group of friends, and you’re scaring everyone. Including yourself, and them. Imagine that. 


Now if you want to win Halloween this year, dress up as the scariest thing a Ferris student can imagine: a townie. If you need any inspiration, the scariest townies of them all are found at Walmart, Sawmill Saloon and the Rock Café.  

I hope this guide was helpful for you having the best Halloween costume ever. If anyone dresses up as anything I mentioned above, no thank you necessary. Happy Bulldog Halloween!