Two-day boiler woes

Beginning on Thursday, housing sent out an email to residents informing them that there would be no hot water or heat in the buildings.

    The email was sent after housing received notice that there was an issue with the boiler system on campus. It was also stated that they were not sure when the system would be working again.

    Students did not receive an email update on when the boiler system was working again, however on Friday, students received another email from housing stating that the boiler system had been working again, however around 3:30 a.m. the system went out again and there was no longer hot water or heat.

    While the boiler system was down, the Rock and the Quad still provided food, however they didn’t use the reusable dishes. Instead, those dining were able to use disposable dishes to grab there food, so that both dining services were able to keep up with the demand of staff, students, and guests without running out of dishes they can use.

    The boiler system was fixed by Friday night. Students did not receive an email that the system had been fixed, however hot water and heat began working throughout the buildings again.