Getting ready for the runway

Student Fashion Alliance prepares for their annual fashion show

The Student Fashion Alliance, a registered student organization, is practicing their walks in preparation for their annual fashion show with the help of their new president.

Biology and pre-chiropractic junior Jayla Reed is the new president of Ferris’ Student Fashion Alliance. According to Reed, the fashion alliance is a place to “get out of your comfort zone” and “express yourself” through style and fashion.

“The fashion alliance is a place where you can get an understanding of different styles and different categories of fashion,” Reed said. “But mainly, it’s for you to show off what kind of brands you can wear, and to show off who you are as a person.”

Reed said that her plan for her upcoming presidency involves a lot of fundraising and events throughout the community. Many events are in the works for this year, but the biggest one is their annual fashion show.

The fashion show is a time for the group to show off what they have been working on throughout the year. Usually, the fashion show takes place in January, but according to Reed, this year the fashion show will be held at the beginning of February during friends and family weekend.

Reed explained that the hardest part of her presidency this far has been finding participation and places for their organization to practice.

“Trying to find people to participate has been a struggle,” Reed said. “It’s been hard for our members to balance personal life, school and work, while also finding time to practice for the runway. The fashion alliance is supposed to help you learn how to walk, so our practices are extremely essential.”

Mechanical engineering technology junior Marshawn Lee is the Vice President of the RSO. He got involved in the SFA through a friend, but also as a way to show off his own personal sense of style.

Lee describes Reed as a very “understanding and relatable” president and explains that she is always making sure that the whole team is on the same page.

“It’s honestly nice working as the vice president alongside [Reed],” Lee said. “We communicate very well and are always looking for time to get together and organize our future plans for the fashion alliance.”

Music business and entertainment junior Cervonte Plair is the secretary of the SFA. He believes that Reed’s communication, dedication and creativity are what make her an excellent president.

Plair was very excited when he found out that Ferris offered an organization such as the SFA.

“Ever since I was a little kid I loved fashion,” Plair said.  “Putting outfits together and I always like to dress nice everywhere I go. I was surprised we had this RSO here at Ferris, so I was interested and wanted to check it out.”

Plair said he has loved working alongside Reed, and he describes their relationship as a “brother-sister” bond.

“It’s so much fun working with [Reed], she’s funny when we’re in meetings but also professional,” Plair said. “She’s motivated to have an amazing fashion show and bring awareness to the SFA by doing events on campus and starting our new Instagram page.”

You can find the SFA’s new Instagram page at fsu_fashionalliance. Stay tuned for future Torch coverage on their annual fashion show.