Measure for Measure

The drama unveils in Vienna; the Duke, played by television and digital media production major Keith (Keebler) Horvath, supposedly leaves town and puts Angelo, played by Jake White, in charge.

Angelo lets his power get the best of him; he arrests Isabella’s brother for getting a girl pregnant. Isabella, played by math education major Lindsay Cyr, is faced with a difficult decision; Angelo will kill her brother unless she sleeps with him. “While all this is happening, the Duke is secretly watching and playing puppet-master,” said Cyr.

Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

As Third Eye Blind’s lead singer Stephan Jenkins closed the show at the Wink arena last Thursday, he said, “This is our first time at Ferris State, and now we know…”

The band, which goes by 3EB for short, made a stop in Big Rapids on their national tour. They played to a 1000-plus crowd in the Wink arena at 7 p.m., Thursday night. The opener was the up and coming band Hot Chelle Rae, which has accompanied 3EB at various stops on this tour.

3EB recently came out with a new album, following a six year hiatus, entitled, “Ursa Major.” Hot Chelle Rae was also promoting a new album, “Love Sick Electric,” which came out on the Monday before the show.

Spooky, Simple Costumes

It never fails that certain people always have to find quick and easy costumes at the last minute around Halloween, or they need a cheap costume because they can‘t afford a store bought one.

There are some simple tricks and ideas that you can put together in no time at all with very little money to achieve a great Halloween look. Guys and girls both have many very creative options to choose from.

Lucas Hanson, junior in the surveying engineering program, said, “Go as Superman dressed up as Chuck Norris.”

Plaid & Purple for Fall Fashion

As the days in Big Rapids begin to grow colder, clothing styles begin to change across campus.

Flip-flops and shorts are starting to be packed away in boxes to take back to Mom and Dad’s house to be stored until spring rolls around. These items will be swapped for thick winter jackets and Ugg boots.

But who says your personal sense of fashion has to die along with the leaves? It’s definitely possible to stay warm and chic at the same time.