Torch Voices February 22, 2012

Dear Editor,

We’ve been hearing a lot about a right to homosexual marriage recently, but I’d like to ask a question – wherever has this purported right of “marriage” come from? Certainly it was not endowed by our Creator, nor ensconced in the Constitution, nor endowed by centuries past!

The claim that “love” is the basic qualifying factor for marriage is not logical, but absurd! Ms. Anger has argued that everyone has a right to marry the one they love, and that homosexuality is justified by aberrant animal behavior. This is astonishing logic! How will you put any bounds on consensual sexual relationships – or won’t you? Must we accept of humans any behavior found in the animal world?

I can’t be convinced that being raised by two women, or two men, is equal to being raised by a mother and a father. You see, I experienced what it was like to have both, and I’m here to tell you that there’s no substitute – and a great deal of sociological, educational, and criminal research supports my claim. Before you pass off the Christian worldview as a mere belief, you would be well-served to examine the correspondence of that belief system with reality!

Finally, as to those who hold the traditional view of the family being xenophobic bigots, I charge that you have displayed the modern concept of diversity for what it really is.

Rob Wagner, FSU Enrollment Services Technician