New Recycling Program

Ferris Recyclers, an RSO (Registered Student Organization) group created in 2007 dedicated to addressing environmental issues, are instituting a new recycling program on campus to inform other students on how they can take part in helping create a cleaner, healthier environment.

Janelle Turino, treasurer of Ferris Recyclers, said that since the program is going to begin as a trial run, it is currently under plans of being installed in four dorms this fall, which include Henderson, Puterbaugh, Brophy and McNerney.

She also explained that if students want the recycling program, they will have to petition their hall and the council will have to vote on the decision. The students will have to help by participating in the program as well if they are interested in having the program instituted in their hall, Turino explained.
“We hope we just get more people involved,” said Megan Truskoski, former Vice President of Ferris Recyclers.

During Welcome Week, members of Ferris Recyclers will be handing out flyers with information regarding the new program.
“Having places on campus would be ideal,” said Truskoski.

She said if we can make it easier, more students would get involved. While Ferris Recyclers is a great place for students to get involved with recycling, it is out of some of the students’ way, she explained. Truskoski said the members worked with Grounds and Housing on creating the program.

The recycling program is a great way for students to lend a hand in helping out the environment and campus and the community.

“There will be bins with nice big signs containing information on what to recycle,” Truskoski said.

Currently, the following recyclable items are collectable: corrugated cardboard; big boxes that have ridges and must be flattened, fiberboard; this consists of cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, no heavy wax boxes, box tops; these are located on many common household products, tin cans (rinse clean and remove the label), plastic; numbers 1 and 2 only (all colors except black are accepted, rinse clean and remove tops), newspaper and styrofoam, which consists of take-out trays (please rinse) from restaurants and the dining halls.

“It’s going to be a lot easier because it’s on campus,” said Truskoski. “We just want to keep it simple.”

More information about Ferris Recyclers and how students can help the environment is available on their website at