Cache the Campus

FSU’s Information Technology Services (ITS) presents Geocaching

<span class='credit'>Graphic by: Heath VanSingel</span>
Graphic by: Heath VanSingel

Ferris celebrates its 125th birthday with lots of events, including a treasure hunt.

Geocaching is an activity done by people all over the world. A geocache is hidden somewhere, anywhere, and its seekers use a GPS to help them locate the geocache, or treasure.

The hunt will begin on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 3 p.m. and contain multiple different geocaches.

Jody Gardei, Team Central Coordinator for the Computer Technology Services, said the students will have instructions that give them details on what to look for, which is available at the Founder’s Day kickoff and at local businesses around Big Rapids.

The information will also be available on and

In order to find the treasure you need a GPS though, correct? Yes. GPS receivers will be available for checkout in FLITE. “I think it will give them a chance to try something new and possibly get hooked on Geocaching,” said Gardei.

According to Gardei, eight Ferris colleges/departments are already planning on participating in this event. Each department will be responsible for a Geocache. Gardei said the caches will be stocked with “swag,” or treasure, students can take for participating.

Not only will the students enjoy that “loot” but should also be interested in the prize for completing the treasure hunt. Students will be entered into a monthly drawing to win a Limited Edition FSU 125th Anniversary coin, said Gardei.

When asked what she thought about Founders’ Week and this event, Gardei said, “This is a great way to learn more about the history of Ferris and see where Ferris is going in the future. They will probably go to places around campus that they didn’t know existed before.”