Get Informed: Health Care Reform

Single Player

  • Doctors, and hospitals are paid by a single source that is created and managed by the government.
  • Like a public option plan, the government would pay for care. But unlike the “option,” there would no longer be private insurance companies.
  • A supporter standpoint: Would undoubtedly ensure health care for all citizens.
  • An opponent standpoint: Abolishing the free market competition between private insurers would lead to poor quality of care and over-regulation.

Public Option

  • Government provides an optional public health care plan that would compete with private insurance.
  • A supporter standpoint: The government plan competing with the private plans could make insurance companies offer more competitive prices.
  • An opponent standpoint: Public insurance plans are paid for by all citizens, even those who choose a private plan.

Private Insurance

  • Individuals would be responsible for the cost of their health care.
  • With the exception of Medicare and Medicaid programs, this is, for the most part, the current system.
  • A supporter standpoint: Minimal centralization of health care allows for the free market competition of insurance companies, which ensures health care quality.
  • An opponent standpoint: Not all citizens can afford private insurance and access to healthcare is a fundamental right.

What It Means to Me

  • Being uninsured would be a thing of the past. Now those pre-campus immunization costs come out of taxpayer dollars.
  • A cheap public option might allow students who could not afford insurance before to be covered.
  • Taxes going to health care would stay put and finding the health care option that best fits your lifestyle is your decision and responsibility.