Letter to the Editor: Pedestrians vs. Cars

Who’s the winner?

I was recently struck by a vehicle down near Woodward and was NOT at fault; however, I was not on campus. I understand that people need to be careful when crossing the street not looking at their iPod or texting; however, the DRIVERS must not do the same because they are not only putting themselves at risk, but everyone else. I was not at fault, but it has opened my eyes that their needs to be something done about the road system for both drivers and pedestrians. This traffic is not at all fun; who knows when someone will come out of nowhere. Can’t there be a crosswalk bridge closer by campus where there are no pedestrian crossing lights? Luckily I survived. Are we going to wait until someone dies to do something? Everyone is at high risk until people are aware of the dangers or until something is done for this roadway system. Just an opinion. And an extreme concern. I don’t recommend getting struck by a vehicle; it is painful and missing class for two weeks is a whole new pain to consider. And imagine being the person striking a person; both sides are extremely awful.

Alexandra Saari,
Ferris Student