More Bronzed the Better

More than one million people visit tanning salons a day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. I admit I am among those one million.

It is no question that using tanning beds can increase one’s chance of premature aging, skin cancer, etc. Just as there is a negative to this concept, there is a positive. After a few visits to the tanning salon and two or so skin tones darker, I get a boost of confidence. Not to mention the emitted UV rays aid in clearing up acne. It certainly clears up my skin and others have mentioned it does the same for them as well.

Aside from receiving a “glow” that helps me maintain a healthy appearance, tanning uplifts my mood, especially during the dark, dreary months in the winter when the sun is absent much of the time. I enjoy not having to pile make-up on my face when my complexion is, well, darker.

I can become as pale as a ghost, and I just don’t feel like I look healthy. I’ve had people ask me if I was ill, when I was feeling just fine; I was only pallid!

I’ve been going tanning since I was 15. Certainly, I don’t visit the salons year round. I usually resume my sessions around late fall-early winter. When late spring comes around, those sessions come to an end, as the sun is available to provide me with some Vitamin D and a “sun-kissed” glow.

In accordance to the Indoor Tanning Association, the media focuses on the negatives of indoor tanning, and creates a lot of hype over the downside of this habit. If it is done in moderation, what’s the big deal? Yes, overexposure can increase the risk, but moderation is the key.

I am aware of the damage that I may be doing to my skin according to studies on tanning and tanning beds. I choose to go tanning because I see it as a form of pampering and relaxation. There are plenty of habits people indulge in that are associated with risks and negative consequences. For me, one of those habits is tanning.

I have considered the risks involved in tanning and accepted them.

As the summer comes to a close, it’s time for me to grab the goggles, the bronzing lotion and hit the salon once again.