Free Health Screenings

Health organizations take advantage of major events to raise awareness on health issues

Free health screenings are available from health organizations conducted by students at different events throughout the year.

Last Saturday at the “Battle at the Ballpark” game, free health screenings were available to anyone who attended the game. Organizations present were the Michigan College of Optometry, College of Nursing/Birkam Health Center, Dental Hygiene Program, College of Allied Health Sciences and College of Pharmacy.

Julie Brockway, chair of the Operation Diabetes patient care project in the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists in the College of Pharmacy, said (the clubs) do health screenings and provide valuable health information pamphlets and flyers. There are also a few pharmacists on staff and other clubs have nurses, dentists (hygienists) and optometrists.

“We chose to have our health fair at the big football game in order to get the word out to more people and hopefully get the chance to screen more individuals,” said Brockway. She said, “In the past we have set up tents at the homecoming game on campus and in the spring at basketball games.”

The main goal of these organizations is to raise awareness about specific diseases such as diabetes and the risks that are involved.

General screenings involve screenings and education for glaucoma, breast cancer, cervical cancer, BMI, weight control, hypertension, dental health, oral cancer, oral health, diabetes, immunization and heartburn.

Some of the benefits for being screened include finding out “if you are at an increased risk of certain diseases,” mentioned Brockway. If someone does not have health insurance for services like the dentist or the eye doctor, they may be able to get the benefit of an early indication of a problem.

Brockway said, “We try to get out into the community a few times a year to do glucose screenings and A1C testing.”

“I’m really just hoping to get the word out about what services our students can offer and to let everyone know that we do several events like this every year,” said Brockway.