Torch Among Winners of MCPA

The Ferris State Torch is among the winners of the 2009 Michigan Press Association College Editorial Contest, receiving more than one award in different categories.

Out of the 20 colleges who entered the contest, the Torch won a total of nine awards plus three honorable mentions under eight categories, which included Investigative Reporting, Feature Photo, Overall Newspaper Design, Sports Page Design, B&W (Black and White) Ad, Any Size Ad, Spot/Full Color Display Ad, In House Promotional Ad, and Special Ad Section.

“We have, like, 3,000 entries for the total contest,” said Shawntel Alana, Bookkeeper for the Michigan Press Association. She said there is roughly 110 awards per division. Awards consist of first, second, third place and honorable mention for 29 categories under divisions of one, two and three. The Torch is under second division in the Michigan Press Association.

Those who received honorable mentions include Ben Kramer for his “Warriors Defeat Dawgs” story in the Oct. 22, 2008 issue, and Biz Arroyo for her “Congratulations Grads!” ad and her ad for “Come Play”. Arroyo also received third place for her ad “For Rent” and second place for her “Help Wanted” ad. Kristyn Sonnenberg received third place for her “Flying Pumpkin Guts” photo in the Nov. 5, 2008 issue.

“I think the students doing work at the Torch for the past year have been really solid; it’s nice for them to get some recognition for it,” said Steven Fox, Advisor of the Torch and Professor in the Languages and Literature Department.

Fox said that with so many colleges competing in the competition, it’s an honor to get any award.

“When you’re working hard, it’s nice to get a pat back on the back,” said Fox.


Feature Photo Category – Kate Dupon received first place for her “A Legend In Theater” photo in the April 29, 2009 issue.

Overall Newspaper Design – Torch Staff received third place

Sports Page Design – Torch Staff received second place, Inside Signing, April 8, 2009 issue.

Special Ad Section – Biz Arroyo received first place for her Housing Guide and second place for her Business Guide.