Ferris State Veterans Club

The Veterans Club became an official Registered Student Organization last spring, which is open to all students who wish to join.

The president of the Veterans Club is Steven Neshkoff and the vice president is Brian Nanko.

Jean Bennett, Advisor of the Veterans Club and former veteran, said not only can students who have served in the military branches join, but all students on campus as well.

Bennett said there are currently 10-15 members in the Veterans Club. She also said the number of members varies from meeting to meeting.

“We started last week, everyone is welcome to come to the meetings and join us,” said Bennett.

The Veterans Club holds their meetings on the last Monday of the month at the AMVETS Post in Big Rapids at 5:30 p.m. and on campus in the Supportive Education for Returning Veterans (S.E.R.V.) room in the Rankin Center on Thursdays in the last week of the month at 6 p.m.

SERV is a program the Veterans Club just started this semester, said Bennett. She added that the program originally began at Cleveland State University.

“It enables veterans coming onto campus to assimilate into the academic environment more easily,” said Bennett.

The overall ideas of the organization are to help out students who have served in the military by doing things like making sure they receive all of their G.I. benefits.

“They have more things in common with each other than other students,” said Bennett. “Their outlook on life is different than others.”

Bennett said since some have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s good for them to talk and be able to relate to each other.

During meetings, Veterans Club members plan events and hold general discussions such as what they did during their time serving in the military.

Currently, the Veterans Club is planning upcoming events that they will be coordinating.

“They’ve been talking about doing things in the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and local veterans,” said Bennett. The members have also discussed shipping care packages to those who are currently serving in the military.

Bennett said the idea to start a Veterans Club at Ferris was brought up by current president, student and former veteran Neshkoff. Veteran Coordinator Paul Langdon also helped out with setting up the organization.

“It’s a way to honor our veterans,” said Bennett of one of the organization’s purposes.