Torch Voices: Response to Peace, Love, and Religious Tolerances

Letter to the Editor:

I would like to respond to an article written in the Nov. 11th edition of the Torch titled, “Peace, love, and religious tolerance.” The author stated that, “No one was forcing anyone to look at that message, and if someone didn’t like the message they could have just ignored it and kept walking.” However, shortly after making this statement the author then states, “I understand how one might find it frustrating to have a religious message forced onto them.” Clearly she is contradicting herself. The majority of the Ferris campus is most likely Christian, as is true of the Nation. However, I rarely find religious messages on campus and in the Nation that are Islamic, Buddhist or even Atheist-based. When we do find a message from a minority belief system things like the author’s article getting published in a school’s paper happen far too often.

The author also complained about, “the defilement of the original message.” If this message had been written on its own someone from the majority belief system on campus would have still had a problem with the message. If only the author would heed her own advice, “You don’t have to accept someone else’s religion, but you should accept that they have a right to believe as they choose.” It is obvious that the author has not yet applied this theory to action. When we hear about respecting and appreciating diversity it especially applies to opinions which we vehemently disagree with. The victims of discrimination can call for more tolerance and acceptance not someone who belongs to the majority of society and is doing the most intolerance. A truly accepting and diverse campus hears all belief systems not just the majority’s.

Natasha Gibbons
Senior, Social Work

Editor’s Note You can view the original article here: Peace, Love, and Religious Tolerance.