Magic Show Casts Spell On Students

Magician Norman Ng performed for a large student audience on Nov. 19 at Williams Auditorium.

Ng, who performed earlier in the day at the Rock Cafe, performed many tricks that got the audience of all ages involved.

After he performed his first trick of turning paper into money, he gave the money away to a student.

He also read a student’s mind. He drew a picture of what the student was thinking, which was a bowling ball, and dropped it from the pad of paper. He got a different student to read a mind as well.

One trick Ng performed that got many students’ attention was his transposition trick. Transposition is when one object changes places with another at the speed of light, according to Ng.

He made this happen with a dollar bill in a cup and the batteries out of his flashlight. All he did was say the magic word, “Abracadabra,” and the dollar bill ended up in the flashlight and the batteries ended up in the cup.

Another trick that got students’ attention was his trick with the toilet paper. He brought a student up on stage to have a seat and hold a roll of toilet paper. Ng then proceed to tear off a piece and have the student guess which hand it was in. The trick was that the piece of toilet paper would either end up on the floor behind the student or on the student’s chest.

Whitney Sutliff, a student in the physical therapy program, thought the show was funny, entertaining, and fun. Her favorite trick was the last trick he performed, getting a student’s card stuck on a hockey stick.

This student was instructed to pick a card, memorize it, and stick it back in the pile. Ng threw on his jersey, pulled out his hockey stick, and blindfolded himself. The trick did not go as planned so Ng had to move to the backup plan.

He remained blindfolded and in his jersey and had a deck of cards fly out of a machine onto the stage. As the cards came flying out, he made one stick to the end of his hockey stick. As he pulled the card off the stick and showed it to the student and the audience, the student was amazed that that was her card. What amazed everybody as well was his jersey contained the number and the suits of the card the student chose.

Adam Holmes, student in the mechanical engineering program, said the show was fun and he would return if Ng performed again.