Bad Holiday Gifts 2009

Given in no particular order, here are some gifts you may want to keep the receipt for:

  1. Razorba Back Shaver – $29.99: A piece of plastic that can hold a disposable razor and can aid in extending one’s reach. Yuck.
  2. Flying Alarm Clock – $24.99: For the sincerely sadistic, an alarm clock with a little piece that flies across the room which must be reinserted into the clock to activate the snooze feature.
  3. Control-A-Cat- $7.99: A remote control for your cat with features like “Catch Mice” and “Arch Back.” Everyone knows that this cannot possibly work as nothing and nobody can get a cat to do anything.
  4. Garden Watch Cam – $139.99: Just as it sounds, an all weather camera to stick in the garden and take photos of flowers. Nothing is more exciting than watching plants grow!
  5. Perky Jerky- $5.99: Caffeinated beef jerky. For the person that needs an excuse to eat jerky before 9 a.m.