Crosswalk safety discussion update

The Pedestrian Safety Task Force hosts the final scheduled discussion forum to receive input on improving pedestrian safety.

Vice President for Administration and Finance, Jerry Scoby, and Claire Gould, president of Student Government, will be hosting a series of three discussion forums in the hopes of raising awareness on the on-going issue.

“Basically we will have a big map of campus and we will outline and write down all areas of concerns the campus community has,” said Gould.

Areas of concern include various crosswalk locations such as the crosswalks on campus and a crosswalk near Burger King on State Street.

“We just want to get as much input and suggestions as we can,” said Gould.

As an additional way for students on campus to share their thoughts and ideas on pedestrian safety, the administrators of Ferris’ Facebook page created a discussion forum where students can leave comments.

Scoby encourages students and members of the Ferris community to feel free to add their thoughts to the site.

The topic “How can FSU improve Pedestrian Safety?” has received a number of ideas and comments from current and former Ferris students.

Those who have participated in the discussion have suggested that people need to look both ways when crossing the street and make better decisions when it comes to crossing at the crosswalks.

There were also comments suggesting that drivers need to pay attention to pedestrians, as well.

Another issue brought up in the discussion was the new stop sign at Ferris Drive on West Campus. One participant said that the problem with the new stop sign is people are not even stopping and there was little warning that the stop sign was even being put up.

A post from a Ferris alumnus suggested that the accidents were inevitable as students are not always going to pay attention to signs and stop lights and will cross a busy street regardless of traffic.

Additional comments suggested that pamphlets and flyers issued to students regarding pedestrian safety are not a useful tool in raising awareness.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the discussion on Facebook may leave their ideas and thoughts on the page. The discussion is open to anyone who wants to attend. The final discussion forum is scheduled for Jan. 26 at 11 a.m. in IRC 120.