Ferris Fact or Fiction

If a student gets hit and injured by a car on campus, they will not receive free tuition.

“This seems to be a rumor and nothing more than that,” said Vice President of Administration and Financial Affairs Jerry Scoby. “My understanding is that public safety would be contacted to assist the student with any medical needs, investigate the accident and connect them with an ambulance if they needed that kind of service.”

Scoby added, “Sometimes there will be a follow-up by our own FSU public safety and sometimes the Big Rapids Police will handle it.”

If a lawsuit were to be filed against the driver at fault or the university in the case of a hit-and-run accident, Scoby explained that the case would “simply be handled by the university council like any other litigation.”

Students have different views on this issue. Kristyn Anacker, physical therapy major, said she always thought if a student was hit and injured by a vehicle here at Ferris, they would receive free tuition.

“I thought it made sense since the people driving the cars are employed by the university, then the university seems kind of liable,” said Anacker.  “I think that should be true, not just for any random car though.”

Mary Harris, journalism major, said she disagrees with the rumor.

“Ferris is responsible for maintaining buildings, sidewalks and other things they are required to upkeep. If a is student harmed by the fault of another student, then it is the student that should be held accountable,” said Harris.

Harris added that if it is Ferris’ fault for not maintaining a piece of equipment or anything of that nature, they should be held responsible. ν