Best and Worst Valentine’s Moments

“He ordered pizza to be delivered to me in the shape of a heart with ‘LUV U’ in pepperonis on it and then showed up with movies and chocolates.”
Meghan McConnell, senior in the chemistry program

“Last year I bought a bouquet of flowers and drove to pick up my girl up from class. Then I took her to her apartment where I had already put her present in her room with a cute stuffed dog.”
John Yonkers, senior in the public administration program

“This year will be the first Valentine’s Day I get to spend with someone special, which makes it my best.”
Amanda Wood, freshman in the English program

“Never getting as many Valentine’s Day cards as everybody else in elementary school back when we used to make them for the people in our classes and pass them out.”
Mike Karel, sophomore in the finance and accounting programs

“My dog died on Valentine’s Day when I was younger.”
Abby Czachorowski, freshman in the music industry management program