How to: RSO

Learn how to turn interests into a group on campus

Starting an RSO by Kristyn SonnenbergStudents can pursue a hobby or interest by setting up a Registered Student Organization on campus.

Dennis Boyd Jr., chairperson of the Student Leadership and Activities Advisory Council (SLAAC) and senior in the new media printing and publishing program, said many RSOs are started as hobby groups.

RSOs are set up based on interests that consist of a variety of things such as sports, politics, faith, etc.

“They (students) have to get five interested people for the E-board, a staff faculty advisor, fill out the application and create a constitution,” said Boyd.

Generally, depending on the purpose of the RSO, some are easier to start than others, said Boyd.

“Since I’ve been chair, I’ve had nine people come in to start an RSO this month,” said Boyd. He added he normally sees three to four people come in a month requesting to start a new RSO.

Among the RSOs that are not easy to start are fraternities/sororities and club sports RSOs. Boyd explained the sport must be a valid sport. Fraternities and sororities must go through a different process, said Boyd.

Fraternity/sorority groups requesting to start an RSO have to be acknowledged by a national chapter. Boyd said they have to go to Greek Councils and find a governing council that will allow them to be a part of the community.

The intentions of starting an RSO must be appropriate and have a purpose approved by SLAAC.

The criteria, application and sample constitution form can be found on Ferris’ Web site under the “Student Leadership and Activities” page.

There is an “upwards of 235 (Registered Student Organizations) as of now,” said Boyd. There are two more meetings to get several RSOs established for the semester; one of which will take place on March 16, and one will be determined in April.

Boyd said he feels RSOs have been fairly successful on campus. A campus-wide e-mail will be sent out this week for people who want to be members of the committee.

Any student who is interested in starting an RSO may contact the Student Leadership and Activities office at ext.2606 or