Crosswalk Safety Update

The Pedestrian Safety Task Force has been working to improve the safety of crosswalks and visibility of signage around campus.

In addition to the visibility of crosswalks, other options are being looked into. Student Government compiled a study of campus intersections and crosswalks that was very helpful to the task force, according to task force chair and vice president of administration and finance Jerry Scoby.

Traffic engineer with the Michigan Department of Transportation Pam Augustine has helped to put up new signs and work with the other 14 members of the task force to further improve safety on campus.

The task force, which was created in November of 2009 has worked alongside Student Government and has looked deeper into the facility master plan to review the pedestrian safety section.

There were also three forums in the past few months to get student views on the topic to open discussion on campus.

The task force will likely conclude its efforts in mid-March after preparing a draft of its report.