Student house padlocked

The Big Rapids City Commission voted to padlock a house located on 120 Locust St., occupied by Delta Chi members, due to numerous noise violations.

Responding to party complaints on Sept. 8 and 19 and a disturbing the peace complaint on Nov. 22, the Big Rapids Department of Public Safety suggested the fraternity house be padlocked beginning May 9.

The city of Big Rapids has a nuisance padlock ordinance allowing the city commission to padlock homes receiving three or more nuisance complaints in nine months.

City commission members advised that there be no fraternity or sorority events until May 9. The city also requested there be no more than four people occupying the home, along with the house being subject to inspection. Prior to padlocking the house at 120 Locust St., the commission has enforced this regulation at only one other location.

Among those occupying the house was Ferris State University student and Delta Chi member Brandon Archambault. Archambault, who met with city commissioners to discuss the incident, has spoken openly regarding his remorse toward the situation.

Archambault said recently the Big Rapids Pioneer ran an article which included a statement from his Facebook stating he wasn’t worried about the padlocking enforcement. Though Archambault has since personally apologized for the community disturbances, he says quotes taken from his Facebook page were taken out of context by the Pioneer.

“When the Pioneer quoted my Facebook page they took bits and pieces of my comment, which changed the message I wanted to portray. I am a very positive person and I was just trying to put a positive aspect on a bad situation,” said Archambault. “I want to apologize to the community for my actions regarding the nuisance.”

Craig Chapman, the owner of the house, was unavailable for comment. The Big Rapids City Commission has ordered the padlock to remain on the property through Dec. 9. n


As it has been said in the Public Relations program at Ferris, what you post on your Facebook page can and will be used against you. If you don’t want it misconstrued or think it may be taken out of context, DONT post it! If you wouldn’t tell your parents or anyone in your family about it face to face then it’s probably not a good idea to post it either. Watch what you say and how it’s said. What you say is just as important as how you say it.

Simply put, employers are always looking at Facebook pages, in fact they
look at all social mediums used today by students and potential
employees alike. It’s important that you realize you can’t separate your
personal image from your brand. You are the brand and you control your
own destiny. Don’t believe me read it for yourself. 37% of employers use Facebook to pre screen applicants.

I realize the house is being padlocked but noise issues are considered huge in a community like BR. Some students don’t see how great it is to be part of a community where you have support from everyone in the community. It’s a blessing, you may not see it right now, but years from now, you will look back and wish you were there.

Sorry to hear the Delta Chi house is closing due to noise complaints. Let this be a lesson in realizing that it’s great to have the opportunity to have fun in college, but the image you create for the fraternity and university will suffer as a direct result of the decisions you make as a student. I hope the lesson is learned and that in the future students will accept their place as members of the greater Big Rapids community. Where the police care about your safety and your education. Safety first, fun next.

Knickcole Hall
Ferris Alum
PR Class of 2005
MBA Graduate 2006

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