Assumed SG President Presents goals for FSU, Community

Morgan Toms will be the sole candidate running for Student Government president, which voting opens for on Monday, March 29.

Toms is the only individual registered to be on the ballot for President this spring, making the Wednesday, March 24 presentation, which is usually held as a debate between candidates, a speech and question and answer session.

Toms, a junior in the business administration/legal studies program and current member of Student Government, delivered her speech for the Student Government presidential position Wednesday evening.

In her speech, Toms discussed some of her goals for Student Government, including putting an emphasis on underclassmen.

“They will be around the longest on campus,” said Toms. “They are our most important asset and we should be breeding them to be leaders.”

The sole candidate for the position of President of Student Government at Ferris State shares her goals and answers question during a speech on Wednesday evening. Photo by: Kristyn Sonnenberg | Photo Editor

Another goal Toms spoke of to make Student Government more available to Registered Student Organizations (RSO) on campus, and to help events become more accessible to students. She plans to hold RSOs accountable for not refunding fees.

Other plans include starting a public relations committee for advertising and keeping communication open with Department of Public Safety (DPS), as well as bridging the gap between the student body and the city of Big Rapids through forming a student committee for the city.

Earlier in the semester, Toms wrote a Pedestrian Safety report and connected with the Pedestrian Safety Taskforce. She has been working with Jerry Scoby, vice president of administration and finance, on issues regarding pedestrian safety.

Those who attended Tom’s speech asked questions regarding parking issues on campus and bringing more fun activities to Student Government.

“Anything fun we do should be noticeable to the campus,” said Toms.

As for parking problems, Toms said she would do her best to keep communication with DPS open and welcome more creative, innovative solutions that have not yet been heard.

“It’s a huge concern with the majority of students on campus,” said Toms.

Toms also said The BIG Event will continue with the same amount of passion and excitement as that of current Student Government President and founder of the BIG Event, Claire Gould.

Additional plans of Toms’ include recruiting new people for Student Government next year with a mentor program to make new members feel welcome, getting more students engaged with activities and events put on by RSOs and starting a holiday food drive.

“I was very impressed, for being a member for only a year, she spoke like she’s been a member forever,” said outgoing Student Government President Gould.

Gould also said she is excited to see the changes Toms plans on making for Student Government.

Voting for Student Government’s next president will begin on Monday, Mar. 29 and end on Wednesday, March 31.

“It’s all about the enthusiasm you show. If we remain positive and passionate, we will see great things from Student Government,” said Toms.