Toms to be SG President

Morgan Toms, the sole candidate for Student Government President, has been elected.

Toms, a junior in the business administration/legal studies program, has many goals for the campus and community. Among those goals include making Student Government more available to RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) and putting an emphasis on underclassmen.

Toms feels underclassmen are very important to the university as they will be around here the longest and have potential to become leaders, Toms said in her Mar. 24 presentation.

Helping events to become more accessible to students is also a goal of Toms and she is going to keep an open connection with DPS (Department of Public Safety) and will continue working with Jerry Scoby, vice president of administration and finance of the Pedestrian Safety Task Force.

As for the up-and-coming BIG Event, Toms said she would implement the same amount of excitement and passion that current Student Government president and founder Claire Gould has.

Toms will implement a mentor program, which will help make new members to Student Government feel welcome and she plans to get more students engaged in various campus activities.

Additionally, Toms is planning on “bridging the gap” between the Ferris campus and the Big Rapids community. She will make plans to form a student committee for the city.

With the on-going problems of parking issues, Toms is going to take action by communicating with DPS and welcoming innovative, creative ideas to find a solution to the problem.

Please check the Ferris State Torch Web site for further details on election results as they become available. n