Ferris deans retiring

Three deans at Ferris are set to retire after the spring 2010 semester comes to an end.

Dean Matthew Klein, College of Arts and Sciences, Dean Ian Mathison, College of Pharmacy and Dean Thomas Oldfield, College of Engineering and Technology, are retiring from the university.

Klein and Oldfield will end their tenures at Ferris on June 30, 2010. Mathison will continue through September 2010, as the College of Pharmacy is undergoing its reaccreditation visit in early fall.

Klein began at Ferris in 1969 and has held multiple positions during his tenure, including assistant dean of student academic affairs for general education, associate dean of student academic affairs, associate dean of academic affairs, associate dean of administrative affairs, and his current position as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Klein established the Dean’s Initiative Grant and the Card Wildlife Education Center.

Oldfield began at Ferris in 1978 and served as a faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences while teaching in the biology department. He served from 1999-2005 as associate vice president for academic affairs and twice served as the interim vice president in 2003-04 and 2007-08. He became the dean of College of the Engineering and Technology in 2005. Oldfield enacted a major reorganization of the College of Engineering Technology.

Ian Mathison is the longest-serving dean at Ferris as he arrived in 1977 and has fulfilled 34 years of service as a dean. Mathison has lead efforts that include $10 million in fundraising that continues to benefit students through scholarships and the college.

Klein said the university would soon begin appointing interim deans for all three colleges between June and July. n