Torch Voices: The Big Event

Dear Torch Editor,

Last Saturday, 1,200 students came to the campus quad at nine a.m. to support the campus and the community by participating in the Big Event. In one day, Ferris Students completed over 6,000 volunteer hours, making the Big Event the largest ever community service project on Ferris’ campus. As a Big Event volunteer, I take offense that this story was poorly covered by the Torch. There were no pictures and no interviews with community members highlighting the continually improving relationship between this campus and the community; a fact that the Torch obviously has a hard time swallowing. However, the bigger picture here is not just the inadequacies of the coverage, it lies in the story that beat out the Big Event for the front page: Someone performs a miracle by riding a unicycle to class.

Overall, I am appalled that the Torch would call these stories “news.” You wrote about a college senior who finally got a cell phone which somehow overshadowed the phenomenal start that the hockey team was having last semester, and now you have someone riding to class on a unicycle as a front-page story. Who cares? I didn’t get a cell phone until I was a college sophomore, and I can ride a unicycle; it is no great feat of man. I still don’t have texting on my phone! Would you like to make that a front-page story as well? As a student, I expect more from the Torch.

Your motto is “Truth, Fairness and Accuracy since 1931.” The most fair, accurate, and truthful story that I have ever seen in the Torch was written by the Editor of the Pioneer! Where is the Accuracy? Where is the Fairness? Where is the Truth? Get rid of the fluff, I want real news.

Eric Mundt
Student, Finance

Dear Torch Editor

Just when I think that it can’t possibly get any worse, you once again surprise us all. Your front page “story” confirms just how clueless you are at covering the University. You have become the laughing stock of this campus and community. This is the week where Ferris has record numbers of alumni returning to the campus and when they pick up a copy of the Torch, what do they see? Coverage of the BIG Event, Greek Week, The 125 Celebration, or maybe the upcoming Ferris Fest? Of course not, that would make the campus look good. Instead, they see a front page story with pictures and a continuance about the student who rides a unicycle. Maybe you should leave out some copies of the Torch with the miracle of the student getting his first cell phone too. That would really show anyone who visits Ferris just how good of a “news” paper you are and how much you value your University. At the rate you’re going readers can look forward to more meaningless stories that have nothing to do with what is truly important on campus.

It is so unfortunate that you don’t even know what you are missing out on. If the Pioneer can have a front page story about the BIG Event then it should be more than enough news to make your front page as well. Get with the program Torch, you are losing interest and readers.

Dominic Gallo
Student, Sports Management