New optometry building “cutting edge”

The Michigan College of Optometry contains new facilities to benefit faculty, students and patients

The Michigan College of Optometry building will be finished on Jan. 3, 2011 and Ferris faculty are looking forward to its completion.

Dr. Mark Swan, a professor in the College of Optometry, said the new facilities would be able to serve patients more efficiently as well as teach students.

“We’ve designed the building to teach our students and help our patients,” said Swan.

The newly customized rooms and equipments are suited to better serve patients who visit the eye care clinic.

In the old optometry building, Swan said there were a number of problems with the heating and cooling systems, as well as adequate space to teach students and serve patients. In the new building, the heating and cooling systems are new and there is more space.

Dr. Sarah Hinkley, an assistant professor in the Optometry program, said, “The new building will allow faculty to teach in a beautiful, cutting edge facility. We know we have an excellent, nationally respected program. Now we will have the facility to match the quality of education.”

Hinkley said the new building will contain computerized visual acuity charts in every exam room and have the latest diagnostic equipment and smart classrooms. “

“In the vision rehabilitation clinical area, the building will contain a home environment room to teach patients new ways to accomplish tasks of daily living despite visual impairment,” she said.

Hinkley also said students will have a large amount of space for relaxing and studying, including their own modern lounge.

“We’re hoping the new facility will bring recognition to the community and West Michigan,” said Swan. n