Students grumbling about homework don’t recognize reality

A college education is not cheap, yet I hear many students complain about not wanting to be in class or do their homework.

Students who constantly gripe about sitting in class for 50 minutes at a time, listening to a lecture, and taking notes, are not thinking about how fortunate they are to be able to afford a college education. There are many individuals who can’t afford a higher education who would trade places with these griping students in a heartbeat.

Like every other college student, I have those days where I don’t want to sit in class or do a ton of homework, but I’m grateful I have the opportunity to be in college. Students complaining about being in college and “hating this class” and “hating that class” must not think about how expensive a higher education really is.

The tuition for an undergraduate at Ferris currently costs $9,930 for the entire year. Adding on other expenses such as housing, dining, personal expenses, and books adds up to an estimation of $20,000 or so. It’s not cheap.

There are some universities/colleges where tuition and expenses add up to $30,000. I’m sure some of those students complain as well, not realizing the fees and costs. According to, more than 53 percent of all undergraduate college students attend a four-year college with charges of less than $9,000 per year for tuition and fees, which is still expensive.

I wonder how some students would feel if they were griping about their classes and homework in front of someone who can’t afford to go to college. I know I wouldn’t feel too great

Another issue that irks me is students who feel it’s just fine and dandy to skip class when they please while paying $331 per credit hour.

College is not high school, there’s no reason to act like a child and whine about “too much homework” and “that stupid class.” The more classes you miss, the more likely failure becomes not optional but inevitable. It’s not possible to just glide past all of the studying, quizzes, tests and expect to pass.

It just amazes me some individuals treat college with little responsibility or care. In today’s society, it’s nearly impossible to find a career that doesn’t require a college degree. Soon, every job in this world will require some type of degree, there’s no doubt in my mind.

My suggestion to those who can’t stop whining about getting up for class every day, taking notes, listening to lectures and skipping class: trade places with someone who wants to be in college and won’t complain about it. n