Torch Voices: Jenna Schreur

Dear Editor,

It has recently come to my attention that at the end of the semester, Ferris will be repossessing any unused money in the new Equitrac printing accounts which students were issued this fall for printing at their residential halls. That means if only 100 students do not use their $10, then Ferris will recouping $1,000. With 4,500 students (or more) living on campus this year, that number could be much higher. I found it surprising that the money would not “roll over” into the Spring semester, but I was even more surprised, and disappointed, that Ferris failed to inform its students of this.

This is my advice: at the end of the semester print off $10 worth of blank paper for your own personal use. That is, if the front desk printer is even working.

Jenna Schreur
Secondary Education Major